The Fabulous Byurd Brains, a Gorilla and Never Setting Suns

The Fabulous Byurd Brains, greater Cincinnati’s latest fantastic musical outfit with a weird name, are pleased to share the news of their third live appearance, “The Fabulous Byurd Brains Fall Social” at Northside Tavern on Friday November 7, with special guests Never Setting Suns, Mark Zero & the Cavemanagers, and featuring a surprise guest emcee dressed in a gorilla costume handing out suckers. 

The band, which convened for a one-off performance last summer, has been some sort of a “hit." Following that three-hour debut gig in the heart of Price Hill which saw its jug player smashing bottles over his own head and barflies of unknown stools dancing on tables while the band just kept playing and it was so good, a second performance was quickly arranged for Whispering Beard Folk Festival. There, amongst the sticky sweated, and the tickled pink, beer cans were drop-kicked into the crowd and hot dogs dangled overhead from long brass poles while the band kept playing...and it was so good!!!

Here’s what the band is: songwriters/performance artistes Billy Catfish and Steven Walls (aka Vampire Weekend at Bernies) backed by Travis, Michael and Matt from Frontier Folk Nebraska (fantastic on their own terms, of course). Drummer Andrew Aragon, a veteran after time in the local scene with West Ghost, is really dope, too. The cherry on top is an ace keyboard player of all things (Pete Nienaber, who’s played with funk outfit Souse), so you know we’re taking this seriously. Can you imagine how good this seven-piece band sounds in full swing? 

We figured it up; we have 120 years combined live performance history among us, so they don't waste anyone's time when it gets down to it. The music is what they call "new weird freedom" and it's rock and roll and a songwriter paradise all at once. Mark Utley told us, "You might be onto something, if you don't choke on each other's vomit first."




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