The Fabulous Byurd Brains

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Esteemed local songwriter/performance artist Billy Catfish has rescinded his retirement and brought a few drinking buddies with him. The music is pure Garage Rock and Roll abandon with a truly remarkable stage show, begging viewers to interract directly with the performance, creating one of the best live experiences possible. Members include Michael Hensley (Frontier Folk Nebraska), Travis Talbert (FFN), Steven Walls (Vampire Weekend at Bernie's), Matt McCormick (FFN / Shoot Out the Lights),

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Enter to Win the Chance to Interview a Living Legend 

Want your chance to be a Music Journalist for a day? Here is your shot. Steven Walls is the charismatic jug player for The Fabulous Byurd Brains and is also known as performance artist Vampire Weekend at Bernie's. Enter to win the chance to interview Steven over a band-paid-for dinner at a fast...

The Fabulous Byurd Brains, a Gorilla and Never Setting Suns 

The Fabulous Byurd Brains, greater Cincinnati’s latest fantastic musical outfit with a weird name, are pleased to share the news of their third live appearance, “The Fabulous Byurd Brains Fall Social” at Northside Tavern on Friday November 7, with special guests Never Setting Suns, Mark Zero...


It is that time of year again!  It is Beard-thirty time!  Dust off those beards, air out those tents, and clean out your coolers.  It is time to get ready for another grand old time at the annual Whispering Beard Folk Festival in Friendship, Indiana.  Bring your beards or borrow a friend’s...

Billy Catfish is Back in The Fabulous Byurd Brains 

It's been awhile since we saw Billy Catfish. He has decided to come out of retirement and recruited members of Frontier Folk Nebraska, Shoot Out The Lights, West Ghost and Weven Stalls of Vampire Weekend at Bernie's. The new band is at Crow's Nest on Saturday. We chatted with Mr. Catfish himself...

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