Majestic Man at Northside Tavern Friday

Majestic Man have a great time on stage. Once you see them once you will be a forever fan. We sat down with the band prior to the show at Northside Tavern this Friday!

Give us some background on Majestic Man...
Majestic Man has been an active part of the local music scene since 2009. We were all good friends when we started playing together, and aside from Dan replacing our original drummer in 2011, the lineup has remained unchanged from the start.  We have pretty regular (usually at least once a week) rehearsal schedule.  That closeness, and all that time spent together have allowed the group to grow and evolve a lot as we all developed into the musicians we are today.

We've always been a group that is really serious about writing and playing music for anyone who will listen.  That being said, we've never really taken ourselves so seriously to the point that it's gotten in the way of just having a great time doing the thing we love with our friends.  I think that's one of the main things that has kept us going this long, and hopefully for a lot longer.  

Tell us about your songwriting process. It can honestly be a very long and drawn out process with us.  That being said, some of our best material is the stuff that just kind of came together all at once, or at least very quickly. Usually one guy will come up with a riff or a chord progression, and we all end up contributing our parts from there. Sometimes one of us will have a whole song worked out before we share it with the group, but even then, the song inevitably changes a bit as each of us lends our "voice" and our ideas to it.   Vocals and lyrics are almost always the last part of the process, and they're usually inspired by the mood or feel of the instrumentals we come up with.  In the beginning the vocals were a bit of an afterthought really, but if you compare our older material to the songs we're writing today, it's pretty obvious that they've become a much more important part of the compositions as a whole.  

What can we expect at a live Majestic Man show? From what I've been told, you can expect it to be pretty loud haha.  We are not really the type of band you'd hear in a coffee shop or at a nice restaurant.  You're more likely to find us in a bar, club, music festival or some other outdoor event.   We have been really fortunate to have a great and dedicated fan base, mostly made up of friends, family, and other musicians we've met and shared the stage with over the years.  We are always pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who come out to support us to this day, and mostly to just have a great time, dance and sing along. One of the most common things people will come up and tell me after we finish playing a show is that it always looks like we are having a ton of fun while we're doing our thing.  I think that's pretty cool because with this band, that's really what it's all about.  

What is next for Majestic Man? Well, we are just now wrapping up a recording session with our good friend Sean Herzig (of Don't Fear The Satellites, a great local band) who also recorded and produced our first album "Manatee". You can expect an announcement about the release date for the new 5 song EP from this session titled "Hangin' From The Curtains" very soon.  We are planning to be going back into the studio within the year to record our next full length album as well.   You can also expect to see us continuing to perform at a variety of venues and events in the greater Cincinnati area, and throughout the Midwest.    Majestic Man w/Lo the Loyal Conscripts & Sheeba Darwin
Northside Tavern
Friday, October 10 


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