The Casket Girls at MOTR

They met by accident at park in Savannah, GA, when producer and multi-instrumentalist, Ryan Graveface, walked by two sisters playing the autoharp and singing songs.

He later dropped off some songs to the sisters, Elsa and Phaedra Greene, to later find out that they were reading poetry to each other and sobbing. That led them to recording the songs which led them to recording their full-length album, Sleepwalking. The album sort of gives a haunting feeling mixed with angelic voices.

With Graveface writing the music and the sisters putting the lyrics together, the team took a different direction.  The sisters had to re-record the demos for the album and had to relearn the songs as if someone else had written the songs for them.

The album, which came out in 2013 and is called True Love Kills the Fairy Tale, was written in one night and is filled with rich lyrics and is infused with crazy synth beats.

The Casket girls are on tour and will be at MOTR tonight, show starts EARLY at 8:30p!