Sphynx Headed Back to Cincinnati

They’ve known each other since they were children, building forts in their backyards and then growing up in several of different kinds of bands ranging from punk to folk and it wasn’t until they finally found the right kind of music that just clicked for the electrifying and glamorous pop trio, Sphynx. The band consists of Cory "Can't Stop" Dennis on Vocals/Synthesizers, Aaron "Won't Stop" Miller on Vocals/Guitars, and Todd "Might Stop" Harris on Drums/Percussion.

Being compared to MGMT and Passion Pit with an influence of David Bowe and Queen, Sphynx, is band from Austin, TX who always knew that they wanted to be able to experiment with their own music by using pedals and synthesizers. “We can create a lot of different textures and that keeps the writing and recording process exciting,” said Miller.

The band came up with the name a few weeks after performing an after show of Of Montreal in 2010. “We knew we wanted a one word name and we liked the idea of naming the band after the Sphinx, but we preferred spelling the name with a 'y' because it looked more visually pleasing,” said Miller.

A few years down the road, Syphnx performed at the Bunbury Music Festival in 2012. Cincinnati is a memorable city for the band because it was where they performed their, “first big outdoor festival,” said Miller. The band performed high energy songs such as “Carpe Noctem” and “Hunger,” but are taking a slightly different route on their new album, Golden Garden. “The production is bigger and wider and we focused on keeping it live with a full drumset and bass guitar as opposed to the samples combined with live tracking that we did on the EPs,” said Miller. “The synth settings are warmer and a little more retro and we tracked most of the album through two inch tape.”

The album also includes groovier tunes and some slow ones as well. “It's a more thoughtful album but we focused on making it fun too, which has always been a goal for us,” said Miller.

The band recorded the album at band member’s Cory’s Studio, the Magic Ranch, which is about 30 minutes outside of Austin, TX on his parent’s property. “We were isolated with our ideas and Cory and I were both inspired lyrically by the natural world and our relationship with it and that's a recurring motif on the album,” said Miller.

Their inspiration was also driven from being away from their loved one for long because of touring so much. “For every wild night you have, there's a ton of time spent inside your own head,” said Miller. “At the surface level, Cory's lyrics deal with relationships framed in some pop conventions, but below the surface there's a more complex, and usually darker, story.”

Miller lost his dad in 2012 and some of the lyrics on the album deal with losing someone so close. “Most of my lyrics deal with the concept of death and understanding love and my surroundings with the real awareness that I am going to die at some point, which isn't as dark as it sounds,” said Miller.

Even though some of the lyrics might be deep, the band still keeps the album bright and funky.

Syphnx, who are known for their glamorous looks and high energy on stage, will put on a show filled with lights, more props, new material, and some new covers for the concert on March 28. “We love performing and are into creating a visual experience to go along with the music,” said Miller.

Friday March 28th