Mutts, Your Favorite MPMF Discovery

Mutts are a band based out of Chicago. They bring a style of blues, jazz, and rock through Mike Maimone tickling the keys, Bob Buckstaff on the doghouse (or Upright Bass), and Chris Pagnani on the skins or drums. These three fellas have come together to create not only music but art. A wall of sound to describe these guys can’t really do them justice. Mike’s gravely and sometimes growling vocals shape the stories and round out this distinct sound.

These guys met through the big city of Chicago. Where music is plentiful and great shows happening all around town. Through an introduction from a recording engineer Jon Alvin Bob and Mike met. They played together in a band called Company of Thieves Bob was already in the band and Mike came along and was an instant fit. They were then on tour full time and at the first gig Bob ever played with Mike in Burbank a few days later while the band did interviews him and Mike went out for smokes. They walked and talked and got back to the hotel with a bottle of Johnny Walker Red, and Mutts was being born.

They started the band as a side project on tour breaks, and had three EP’s within the first year all recorded by Jon Alvin who introduced them.  Soon after a longtime acquaintance of Bob’s Chris Pagnani had found himself without a band and fortunately enough Bob and Mike were looking for a drummer. From Bob’s own words “Dude was in. Dude was good.” Chris had nailed all the songs and within six months they had two full lengths recorded. Again from Bob “We got lucky. I got lucky.” Luck clearly sometimes plays a factor. 

Music for these guys is something that is in their blood. It ain’t all wine and roses life on the road can be hard, but the one factor the one thing that keeps them going is the music. The shared experience between the other players and the listener. Sure these guys could have quit music all together or not done it all, Mike was an auditor for an accounting firm which he went to college for and Chris could have just as easily picked a job and done the whole 9-5 to thing. Mike at the age of 24 though had a near-collision with a semi while coming home from work and thought, “I’m not gonna die and accountant.” Chris, not having that same experience but the sort of same thought, expressed to me that he is much happier having found music instead of picking a job and going through those motions. Not to say that is bad, but when you have a dream or a goal and in this case these fellas have their music how could they not go after it? The resounding feeling is we have to. They love what they do, and through their music you hear it. The release of sharing their songs and their art has paid them more than any job could.

Mutts currently have a new album out, Object Permanence and they are out there doing what they love to do. Check em out on any of the social media networks or an even better justice to yourself go catch their live show. I’ll leave it up to them to explain the rest because my words are merely that, their music will sum it all up.