Chicago’s Mutts are a keys/bass/drums trio who have been described as “Tom Waits fronting a garage band” by Time Out Magazine, and “what Queens Of The Stone Age would sound like if they ditched the guitars and started playing some dirty sounding organs” by Loud Loop Press. But wait just one minute. On their 3rd LP – Object Permanence, out April 2nd, 2013 – the gritty trio sheds all amplification and goes clean. This is quite the risky move for a band that wasn’t easily

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Mutts, Your Favorite MPMF Discovery

Mutts are a band based out of Chicago. They bring a style of blues, jazz, and rock through Mike Maimone tickling the keys, Bob Buckstaff on the doghouse (or Upright Bass), and Chris Pagnani on the skins or drums. These three fellas have come together to create not only music but art. A wall of...

Experience MPMF at Findlay Market!

Findlay Market has announced the first annual MidPoint Music Festival Day Show event September 27-29, 2013! This 3 day event will showcase 13 local, regional and international bands and is free for the public. There will be 2 stages throughout the weekend–one will be located next to the OTR...