Young Colt to Play MPMF Findlay Market FREE Day Show

Young Colt is a band you have been hearing about. Best to jump on the bandwagon now, because these guys are going places. Distinctive sound, large stage presence and high energy are just some of the reasons you should end your MPMF weekend with this band. It’s bound to be a party and you would regret missing this set. 

We sat down with Young Colt prior to the weekend’s festivities.

Give us some background on Young Colt...
We began in the fall of 2011 and are from Northern Kentucky.


What can one expect at a live show?
We started as a 2-piece as the drummer Nick and guitarist/singer Benjamin writing honest garage soul rock, with some flavorings of folk and country
Last winter we added two more members in an attempt to expand our sound and our show.
It's my dream to perform and live as an artist so every show always happens differently as the ones before it. There is always high energy and many times things happen that aren't choreographed, this is reflective in our honest lyrical concept.

What is next for Young Colt? You guys are blowing up!
After Midpoint at Findlay we will be releasing our second EP at MOTR Pub on Friday Oct. 4th.
And yes, we are certainly blowing up, I mean, we're playing Midpoint.

Young Colt
MPMF Findlay Market Day Show
Sunday September 29th

EP Release
w/ State Song
Friday October 4th