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Young Colt

My name is Benjamin. My band is called Young Colt. I think you’ll like us.

Rock bands are a dime a dozen, and I’ve been in at least that many since high school. But it wasn’t until I read an interview with Jeff Buckley that I became truly obsessed with being in a SUCCESSFUL rock band. In the interview, Jeff said that his notorious singing ability grew from hard work more than natural talent. This was so inspiring to me as an emerging vocalist, I did the most rock and roll thing I could thing to do: I hit the karaoke bar. From 2010 to 2012, I honed my craft as a singer and songwriter. Joining forces in early 2012 with long time friend and drummer, Nick, we formed Young Colt and spent the rest of that year honing a sound that is as throwback as Otis Redding, as balls out as T. Rex, and as fresh as Jack White.

But my name is Benjamin. This is my band, Young Colt. I think you’ll like us.


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