The Menzingers at tSGHR Tuesday!

This Tuesday, June 4, The Southgate House Revival is hosting what I will arguably describe as the Best Punk Rock Show/Tour of 2013. So far, anyway.  Philadelphia’s The Menzingers, still riding high on their brilliant, genre-defining 2012 album …On The Impossible Past, are bringing Fake Problems, Restorations, and Captain, We’re Sinking to Newport, which may or may not be able to handle it. I have faith, though.

The Menzingers last came through with Punk Rock Elder Statesmen, Propagandhi, though only as a 3-piece. Even then, their live performance was thrilling, hitting many of their latest albums high points. This time around, they have all 4 members ready to make some righteous sing-alongs happen, likely with a lot of sweating and jumping around involved. By all accounts, this band won The Fest ’12 in Florida last October. I can’t wait to see what they bring to Cincinnati.

There are few bands that get me as excited about a live performance as Fake Problems, a Florida quartet that has been more quiet than active over the past year. While vocalist/guitarist’s Chris Farren’s Twitter might be one of the funniest things to happen to The Internet, the lack of new music has been disappointing. Something tells me that’s about to change, though. Their last release, a 7” split with fellow Floridians You Blew It! (appropriately titled Florida Doesn’t Suck) was great, but left me wanting more. A lot more. So I guess it did its job. Hopefully (and I’d say this is a safe bet), we’ll be hearing some new tracks at the show.

Restorations is along for the ride, touring in support of their sophomore release, LP2. Slightly more straightforward rockers, but no less raucous (and I would assume there’s a fair amount of intensity, considering the lineup as a whole), they make a great addition to an already stacked tour.

My best advice for this show is to get there early. Do not miss Captain, We’re Sinking. Please.

I had the pleasure to experience their jaw-dropping live performance awhile back with Emo/Rock’s own Mythical Beast, Tigers Jaw (who never tour, and are breaking up, and we’re all sad and stuff, trust me), and they might have stolen the show. Their set was short, but yikes, I was exhausted, just from listening/watching. Their freshly released effort, The Future Is Cancelled, will undoubtedly be hailed as one of the Best Releases of 2013 by a lot of folks, myself included. Get to this show on time to understand why.

If you’re a fan of any one of these bands, get out to this show. It has sold out dates all along the East Coast. And, I imagine in the case of The Menzingers and Fake Problems, it might be the last time we see them for a while, as new records can’t be far off. There are too many reasons to count as to why you should be excited for this. You can re-read the above for a small sampling.

The Menzingers w/ Fake Problems, Restorations and Captain, We're Sinking
The Southgate House Revival
Tuesday June 4th
7p Doors / 8p Show

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The Menzingers at Bogart's - Celebrating 10 Years of On The Impossible Past 

Even knowing what the night would hold, this performance was a surprise from start to finish, and I left with a shit eating grin and renewed, or at least reinvigorated, appreciation for what The Menzingers have been doing for almost 20 years now.