Jane Smith of Belle Histoire Premiers Decker

Jane Smith of Belle Histoire is launching the first single from her new project Decker today! A clip was posted on the Decker Facebook page last Friday and has fans in high anticipation for the full song. Jane's voice is hauntingly beautiful, as is she. If you are a fan of Tegan and Sara, Laura Marling or Tori Amos you will fall in instant love. However make no mistakes, Jane has a voice of her own and she knows how to use it.

Jane told Alicia Inman at CincyMusic.com in January, “I'm hoping for people to stay excited with what we do next, and continue to grow with us through these next years. I'm definitely excited to share with people whats next!” We are excited! 


Belle Histoire at The Madison Theater tonight!

You will not want to miss Belle Histoire tonight at Madison Theater! Cincinnati has always been full of young talent.  From the nationally-recognized bands to the underground garage acts, you can find young musicians stretching their musical muscles pretty much any night of the week in the Queen...