Belle Histoire at The Madison Theater tonight!

You will not want to miss Belle Histoire tonight at Madison Theater! Cincinnati has always been full of young talent.  From the nationally-recognized bands to the underground garage acts, you can find young musicians stretching their musical muscles pretty much any night of the week in the Queen City. And it’s always a badge of honor to be one of the lucky to find a band before they “break.” Cincy scenesters from days gone by will proudly tell you, “I saw The Afghan Whigs before they signed to Sub Pop.” Or, more recently you’ll hear, “I’m friends with the guys in Walk The Moon.”

If you count yourself among those in search of the area’s up-and-comers, today’s show at Madison Theater, a bill full of the region’s indie folk young guns, is not to be missed.  There’s Wheels, who dub themselves “outdoorsy blues funk” - based in bluegrass and seasoned with rock ‘n roll.  There’s Hayden Kaye, a singer/songwriter duo from NKU. But at the head of the class, and the night’s lineup, stands Belle Histoire, the indie pop quartet from Covington.  Belle Histoire has been kicking around the Cincinnati scene for almost two years now, impressing people with their songwriting and performance skills.  In that time, they’ve released two EPs, a full-length album, three music videos, embarked on an East coast tour, and have been covered by national music outlets.  But they’re just warming up as I found out by chatting with the members of Belle Histoire.

CM: This last year has been a big one for you with the release an EP, a full-length album and hitting the road for a couple tours.  What are your goals for 2013?
BH-Mitch: Indeed it has!  We are so grateful for the opportunities we've had this past year; our two releases on InVogue Records, touring, playing Bunbury, releasing music videos, and moreover, the support we've had in doing it and the recognition and additional support that has come because of it.  We would be no where if it wasn't for the fans that appreciate our music in person and financially!  In 2013, we hope to keep the momentum going and growing within our music and each other.  2013 for us means more writing, more shows, growing our fan-base, and getting our music out there to a broader audience.

CM: Are you working on any new material right now? If so, can you give fans some insight into the direction you're taking?
BH - Jane: We are all definitely always writing. I think everyone of us is still learning more and more daily about writing and finding your own "sound". I'm hoping for people to stay excited with what we do next, and continue to grow with us through these next years. I'm definitely excited to share with people whats next!

CM: You just released a music video for "My Dear". How did the concept of becoming "deers" come about?
BH - Wes: Jeffrey Riley was the mastermind of it all. The guy is a genius when it comes to these things. This was our second music video with him and he always does a great job. If you want a unique/creative/amazing music video, then Jeffrey Riley is your man!

CM: What's your favorite thing about playing for Cincinnati crowds?
BH - Austin: My favorite thing about playing for Cincinnati crowds is knowing that it's home. It's like playing for family. I love the sense of community when that happens because when new people come to a show or hear about us, the family keeps growing!

Last week, Belle Histoire’s new video for “My Dear” premiered on Alternative Press and the band is looking forward to touring more in 2013, seeing new towns, meeting new faces, and writing more catchy songs.  Those attending tonight’s show at Madison Theater just might end up like Afghan Whigs fans of the 80s, looking back on the performance and saying, “Remember when we caught Belle Histoire before they were big?” Don’t Miss it.

Madison Theater
7p doors, 8p show
Belle Histoire w/Wheels, Hayden Kaye, Kyle Roten & Briana Pastrano


Jane Smith of Belle Histoire Premiers Decker 

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Belle Histoire premier video for "My Dear" 

Cincinnati's Belle Histoire released their debut record, Dreamers, in July. They just premiered their video for "My Dear" HERE on Alternative Press. You can catch Balle Histoire at The Madison Theater with Wheels, Hayden Kaye, Kyle Roten, and Briana Pastrano on January 24!