Jamaican Queens Tonight at MOTR

Jamaican Queens are playing MOTR Pub Wednesday January 9th with Automagik! The band is touring in support of their debut album Wormfood, out February 26. Check out the video for the single, "Kids Get Away" here.

Lead singer Ryan Spencer was in the band Prussia. The group dissolved shortly after Adam Pressley moved to Detroit in late 2011. Ryan and Adam figured they worked better as a pair, so Jamaican Queens was born. They spent that winter writing and recording Wormfood. The fusion of Spencer's melodies and Pressley's knowledge of underground music and production gave birth to their unique "odd pop" or as it's being called, "trap-pop." Wormfood draws influences from southern hip hop, electronic, dub, downbeat, folk, and New York City as a whole.

10p Show