Radio Rescue: Ready or Not EP

In today’s music scene, genres are constantly taking on new forms. While the theory that the pop punk genre is diminishing, the local band Radio Rescue is alive and thriving. Radio Rescue (formerly 21st Streamline) has made waves within a sea of bands fighting for the top. Radio Rescue has already shared the stage with Cartel, Anarbor, Valencia, Hawthorne Heights, Sparks the Rescue and Hit the Lights.

Their EP “Ready or Not” dropped in December of 2011. The six song EP begins with the slow yet progressive track “Seventeen Days”. While the lead singer Mike Hertsenberg flaunts his vocal range, you can’t help but to be drawn to Sam Shea on the keyboard and Caleb Smith on drums in this powerful track.

The second track, “I bet you wish your name was the title of this song”, draws you in by title alone. However, it is not by song title alone that will make this your new favorite band. The lyrics are catchy as well. You will find yourself singing along to the track “Kiss and Tell” and dancing your heart out to “I Love (to Hate) You”.

The diverse song structures are highlighted when the ‘Nati rockers take it a step further with “Just sit tight”. The last track, “Don’t ask for the moon, We have the stars”, is truly the Radio Rescue song full of pop punk glory. This track will become number one on all of your playlists.

If this EP is any indication of what it is to come from Radio Rescue, it is only a short matter of time before they explode. So go download the EP and sing along!