Sparks The Rescue

  • rock
  • pop
  • punk

Channeling modern rock influences into anthemic choruses and themes of lust, loss and embracing your inner demons, Sparks The Rescue return with 12 impressive edgy pop-rock tracks on new album "Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With". The band's second full-length is a step forward for the band, blending sassy lyrics and the dynamic, unique vocals of frontman Alex Roy into the melodic, infectious songs the five-piece have become known for. Emerging from Portland, Maine with debut album "Eyes To The

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Radio Rescue: Ready or Not EP

In today’s music scene, genres are constantly taking on new forms. While the theory that the pop punk genre is diminishing, the local band Radio Rescue is alive and thriving. Radio Rescue (formerly 21st Streamline) has made waves within a sea of bands fighting for the top. Radio Rescue has...