Radio Rescue

  • Local
  • rock
  • pop
  • punk

We could write an in depth biography about how we are completely different from every other band out there and our unique influences combine to form something never done before. But that's not true. We are just a band making music we love and having a blast doing it, and isn't that enough?


BoyMeetsWorld & Radio Rescue CD Release Tonight!

BoyMeetsWorld and Radio Rescue are co-headlining a CD release party for both bands tonight at The Madison Theater! BoyMeetsWorld are releasing their debut album, “Do What’s Best For You”, while Radio Rescue are releasing their sophomore album, “The Soundtrack to Second Pace.” Tickets are...

Radio Rescue: Ready or Not EP

In today’s music scene, genres are constantly taking on new forms. While the theory that the pop punk genre is diminishing, the local band Radio Rescue is alive and thriving. Radio Rescue (formerly 21st Streamline) has made waves within a sea of bands fighting for the top. Radio Rescue has...

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