The Cla-Zels

  • Local
  • rock
  • blues
  • indie
  • guitar

“They packed the house and wowed me with their music. It is creative, fun and inventive! Anyone would be able to enjoy their sound…” The lights are up and they hit the stage.  The boy and girl lead singers have come back with their electrics, and loud power now drives the high-octane blues rock.  The mellow harmonies and rootsy percussion are gone and on is the classic rock drum beat.  The upright bass has been replaced with its electric counterpart, which is now driving the eighth

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Record Store Day in The Ridge at Everybody’s Records 

Everybody’s Records has announced their Record Store Day Schedule! What is Record Store Day in the Ridge?Record Store Day is an annual recognition of local record stores celebrated all over the world.   Why Record Store Day?In a digital world local mom & pop record stores...

Record Store Day 2015 

Record Store Day kicks off this Saturday featuring one of a kind albums, artwork, and performances around the country. RSD began in 2007 with a mission to honor independent record stores worldwide and provide customers with an opportunity to purchase artwork, through various mediums, from their...

School of Rock Mason Takes on Blondie and The Police 

School of Rock Mason will present its Blondie and The Police show at Northside Tavern on Saturday, December 6th at 5:30p!  The show has some of the school's best students in its cast and is directed by Melissa Fairmount of the Fairmount Girls and Chris Barlow of The Cla-Zels. "I came of age...

Tender Mercies presents the First Annual Taste of OTR! 

Join in on the fun at the first year in starting the tradition of celebrating the tastes, flavors and sounds of Over-the-Rhine at Washington Park! Tender Mercies provides permanent housing to about 150 formerly homeless adults with mental illness. Its buildings and residents. They are located on...

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