Steve Earle and the Dukes

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Steve Earle at The Mercantile Library 

He’s about to kick off a tour with The Dukes to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Copperhead Road, but last night we were fortunate to have Steve all to ourselves in the stunning Mercantile Library. It’s a gorgeous space, huge but intimate, a blend of glass, warm wood and metal. Thousands of volumes of words surround us and the remainder of the evening light filters through the tall arched windows as Steve takes the small stage.

Reality Check with KT: Steve Earle. So You Wanna Be an Outlaw 

Steve Earle’s voice has stayed authentic and true to who he seems to be as a person. Fallible certainly, possibly brash or arrogant at times, but sweet and genuine and even spiritual in his best moments. Something even his harshest critics cannot deny.

Steve Earle & The Dukes: Live at The Madison Theater 

Eight o’clock in the evening rolled around, and here we all stood or sat awaiting to be taken through one man’s history of himself and all through his songs. But first it was The Mastersons to open up the evening. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this evening. There was...