Sarah Asher

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Sarah's distinct voice and emotive songwriting cut to the heart of nostalgia

Sarah Asher was a fixture in the Columbus, Ohio music scene were she recorded three EP’s and a full length album before splitting town for a 10 year stent in the hills of Kentucky. Sensing the hollow places in her ukulele dreams she found inspiration beginning again with a garden and a guitar. The songwriter captures the visceral magic in ordinary life and sings with poetic revel of it’s joy and sorrow. 



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Review: Sarah Asher First Two Tracks of This Little Bird

On first listen, the two tracks of This Little Bird, the new release from Northern Kentucky singer-songwriter Sarah Asher, are disarming. The songs, in Asher’s characteristically subtle, delicate delivery, find their roots in an easy folksiness, but just below that surface lies a much deeper world.

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Sarah Asher and Kate Wakefield at MOTR

You can catch both Sarah Asher and Kate Wakefield at MOTR Pub this Sunday.

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