• Preview

Sarah Asher and Kate Wakefield at MOTR

Sarah Asher has the voice of an angel. She has teamed up with Kate Wakefield for the song, “Heaven.” The song sounds just like what you would imagine. Calming, etherical, beautiful. Head out to MOTR tomorrow to hear it for yourself. 

Sarah Asher was a fixture in the Columbus, Ohio music scene where she recorded three EP’s and a full-length album before splitting town for a 10-year stent in the hills of Kentucky. Sensing the hollow places in her ukulele dreams she found inspiration beginning again with a garden and a guitar. The songwriter captures the visceral magic in ordinary life and sings with poetic revel of its joy and sorrow. 

You can catch both Sarah Asher and Kate Wakefield at MOTR Pub this Sunday. It is going to be a night to remember.