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KAILIP 2013 Lou Larson Johnny Hodge Donn Vidmar Adam Shelton "How you going to hold up, when you are holed up?" New Single Coming Soon! 12 inch vinyl double single coming soon.   We have been preparing the "picture book" for arrival anytime now! Paramount Schemes- CD (2001) Violently Hip  LOOKOUT for shows soon! www.kailip.com    under updates right now, lots of past history "sound the bells"  "liberty bell"  "event of the year"  "no problem"  The gentlemen have been working since

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Kailip and Sweet Ray Laurel Take Over The Drinkery 

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Kailip, now is your chance! Right from the first note, you can feel the energy of this band. The passion of lead singer, Johnny Hodge is contagious.  Kailip has had a "rough and tumble" existence since they got together in 2000. From the...

Kailip is Back with a Good Cause at The Drinkery 

Kailip has had a "rough and tumble" existence since they got together in 2000. From the beginning, the group has been led by spirited lead singer Johnny Hodge (formerly of Stich) and well accomplished lead guitarist Lou Larson. Over the years, the band has taken on many variations but always with...

No Problem LIVE: Kailip 

I don't think anyone knew what quite to expect when Kailip took the stage at The Drinkery in OTR a few months back. It was reasonable to wonder what these guys might be up to. It was known the band had been rehearsing/recording for over 12 months and that they wanted to start playing many more...

Kailip is back on the local music scene! 

After a seven year hiatus, Kailip is ready to rock! Having taken some time off to pursue other ventures, Kailip is more than ready for the show at The Drinkery Saturday. We sat down with the band to get some backstory, and what to expect from a live Kailip show!  Give us some backstory on...

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