Kailip is back on the local music scene!

After a seven year hiatus, Kailip is ready to rock! Having taken some time off to pursue other ventures, Kailip is more than ready for the show at The Drinkery Saturday. We sat down with the band to get some backstory, and what to expect from a live Kailip show! 

Give us some backstory on Kailip…
Kailip was formed back in 2001 as a follow-up project for singer Johnny Hodge (STICH) and Joe Burns (Hilltop Distillery). They wanted to create a new band with a totally unique sound. Johnny and Joe had started playing music together in The Craven. Joe introduced Johnny to Lou Larson (Slant) and the two wrote songs the first night they met. The combination of Lou's classical guitar training and jazz expertise allowed Johnny and Lou to formulate a new sound, combining rock/punk/jazz/country to create original songs. Joe Burns has since moved to Florida and now Adam Shelton (Perfect Children) is at the kit. Also Donn Vidmar is playing the upright bass for the group. The changes have helped the band develop the sound even further and they have spent the last 18 months rehearsing, writing songs, and recording in various local studios. They worked at Ultrasuede with Steve Girton and they also recorded at Brian Olive's studio in Northside. The bands influences are wide: Pixies, Smiths, Primal Scream, Supergrass, Strokes, QOTSA, Major Lazer, Bob Dylan, Cheap Trick, ELO, Radiohead, Bobby Darin, Nas, Louis Armstrong, and more. 

What is the plan for Kailip? Touring, album releases, take over the world…
the band's primary focus continues to be: to write the very best songs possible and continue to rehearse and record. The band has recorded the songs for 2 separate 12 inch vinyl Singles that should come out soon (the first is tentatively scheduled for October/November 2013).
They plan to play shows both locally and select regional dates to support the singles and their hatful of new songs. The band is looking forward to sharing their unique blend of original songs soon and the show at The Drinkery on August 24th will be the band's first live show in 7 years.

How does it feel to be playing out in the Cincinnati music scene again?
It’s been exciting to see how the music scene has evolved over the years. The band is having fun popping in to see other bands live shows and getting to know the best venues. Kailip believes Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are making some incredible original music right now and they are excited to be a part of it. The band is also encouraged by all the mediums to help musicians share the music they create with the public. Kailip is all about the songs, and the guys are looking forward to sharing them with you soon. All in all, it’s great having 2 sides of the river to explore and play LIVE!

What can one expect at a live Kailip show?

Lots of big guitar sounds, without being a typical “rock" show.
Johnny sings with lots of passion and he tells a story with his performance.
The combination of upright bass and dynamic drumming helps shape the sound.
Kailip hopes that the live audience will be transported through music to the places that they cherish and dream about. Kailip is about dreams, and settings, with a touch of history too. Kailip hopes to take you away with them.


w/ Sad Gods
The Drinkery
Saturday August 24th