Cutter Savage

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Cutter’s backstory is one for the books. It all started a long time ago in the Great Tundra Area where legend has it he was born of two she wolves. One could say he grew up in the typical way…as typical as having two she-wolf parents could be, that is. He was discovered by humans when he was wondering naked through a dumpster highly disoriented. It turns out his double she-wolf parents had died. Shot by poachers! As a musician, Cutter’s influences span the likes of Van Halen, Rush, and

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Cutter Savage Rock Spectacular 

Cutter Savage just released a new album The Remnants of History! Today is the premiere for the video for "Rock Spectacular!" You are going to want to turn this way up!

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Cutter Savage Releases Revelator 

Cutter Savage has released his latest musical effort, “Revelator,” as a limited run of signed CD’s.

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Cutter Savage is Here to Shred 

“Take the theatrics of Alice Cooper, add the mystique of Led Zeppelin, combine it with the storytelling of Pink Floyd, and you get a pretty good idea of what my music is all about.” -Cutter Savage

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