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Cutter Savage Releases Revelator

Cutter Savage has released his latest musical effort, “Revelator,” as a limited run of signed CD’s. The four song EP sets the stage for a full concept album coming later this year while also showing off some of Cutter’s influences, style, and of course, shredding guitar riffs. Fans of guitar-based rock will love his version of the Jimi Hendrix classic “Third Stone from the Sun” and his sultry instrumental interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s “You Want it Darker.” Add to that an instrumental guitar cover of the Beatles classic “Tomorrow Never Knows” and you’ll be putting this one on repeat. His interpretation of the traditional song “John the Revelator,” digs into Cutter’s bluesy roots while also giving hints about what’s to come in the concept album. Who is the voice in the beginning of the song and what is the powerful instrument he refers to? Fire coming down from the sky? A great divide? You’ll have to follow along the journey to find out what it all means.

You can give the songs a listen and pick up signed CD’s at https://cuttersavage.com/store