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Dashboard Confessional / Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness



The Andrew J Brady Music Center


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Review: Hello Gone Days Tour at The Andrew J Brady Music Center 

Like many of the tours I’ve gone to see over the past year, each and every band was thankful and appreciative for what they get to do, for the fans there to sing along with them, and all too aware that it can be taken away at any moment.
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Interview: Ben Jorgenson of Armor For Sleep 

I was given the opportunity to chat with Ben Jorgenson, vocalist, guitarist, and founder, about what it means to come back to a scene that is vastly different from what it was when they started. We talk a bit about the new album, touring with Dashboard Confessional and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, and even reminisce a bit about the very special time in New Jersey when it seemed like the bands from the state were basically taking over the world.