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Hell is Ohio Fest

  • Bundy and The Spins
  • Trash Knight
  • Prime Detectives
  • Cotter
  • HugeEuge
  • #lameassdads
  • The Plan B's
  • The Plaid Disasters
  • D.O.S.
  • Yardsign
  • Sepir Heyday



Swine City Brewing Co.


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REVIEW: Hell is Ohio Fest at Swine City Brewing Co.

Hell is Ohio. Anyone who was in Ohio this past week with its humid soupy, swampy and oppressive heat will surely agree that this is a true statement.

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Hell Is Ohio Fest Arrives at Swine City Brewing

Punkerton Records will be putting on its first annual Hell Is Ohio Fest at Swine City Brewing this weekend. This festival benefits Punk Rock Saves Lives, a music-based nonprofit that focuses on health and wellness (including mental health), human rights, and equality.