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Foxy Shazam

Today, hometown heroes Foxy Shazam announce their debut performance at The Andrew J Brady ICON Music Center on Saturday, February 12, 2022 - their first show since 2014.

Over the course of 2020, Foxy Shazam delighted fans with several new singles, marking a triumphant return from their seven-year hiatus. As the year came to a close, the band was elated to share their most ambitious full-length to date, Burn.On this record, Foxy Shazam eviscerates traditional genre lines. The band is as charismatic as ever with their blend of outlandish rock n’ roll, honing in on a '70s inspired sound touching on the best pop and rock music from the decade, while still giving it a modern take. It’s a testament to where the band came from while aggressively pushing their sound forward.

Speaking on the creation of Burn, Nallyboldly declares “I will stand for 2020 and say I made moves during this time. It is hard, but we do it anyway. It might not be what you expect but, with Foxy, isn’t that what you expect”?

Burn came together naturally throughout 2019, and lyrically foreshadowed the tumultuous year 2020 would be. Every little detail on Burn was combed over and experimented with, with frontman Eric Nally at the helm. Album opener “Burn” is a frantic combination of massive 70’s inspired guitar and piano, while “Dreamscape 2020” evokes an incomparable climatic moment on the record. On Burn, the band was able to toy with new sounds, giving a nod to hip-hop on tracks "Into The Wild" and "Never Ever,” which drummer Teddy Aitkins penned and held vocal duties on. The album concludes with “The Rose” - a pop gem that closes out the record with plenty of edge and rock exuberance. Throughout it all, Nally masterfully channels the lyrically abstract as he portrays feelings in the way one would describe a flavor. As a result, the listener is able to translate it through their own thoughts and experiences, adding a level of universal relatability that is hard to achieve. It’s a record diverse in composition and arrangements but meticulously curated in vibe and message. Burn is there for you when you need it most, offering a small window into what the future may hold for Foxy Shazam.

Foxy Shazam is: Eric Nally (vocals) / Sky White (piano) / Teddy Aitkins (drums/vocals) / Alex Nauth (horns) / Loren Turner (guitar) / Trigger Warning (bass)



The Andrew J Brady Music Center


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REVIEW: Foxy Shazam at The Andrew J Brady Music Center 

Finally, after almost two years in the making, Foxy Shazam triumphantly returned to the stage for an energetic homecoming show at The Andrew J. Brady Music Center Saturday night.

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