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Zoo Trippin'

  • Luscious Dogs
  • Go Go Buffalo

Zoo Trippin' will be rocking Stanley's Pub Thursday Nov. 14th!

Trying to pigeonhole Zoo Trippin’ into one little genre box is an exercise in futility. They have an ever-evolving sound, although their groove is infused with a solid blues/funk flavor base. Comprised of Tony Casa (vocals), Lynn Roose III (guitar), Stephen Hatmaker (drums), Alex Kessis (bass) and Zachary Pontzer (guitar), Zoo Trippin’ will get your feet movin’ in no time. While the band is definitely high-energy, they have a tight sound that feeds off itself, the members of the band and the fans in attendance at their shows.

Go Go Buffalo

Sprung forth out of a mountain of garbage for the soul purpose of eternal internal suffering.

Plus, donuts.

Lots and lots of donuts.

Luscious Dogs

Original rock and roll. Jamie Smith - Donovan Schlu (aka Psycho D-Luscious) - Braedon Firebrand

Go Go Buffalo 9:15-10

Zoo Trippin' 10:30-11:45

Luscious Dogs 12:15-1