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Get Stuffed On Local Music!

  • Frontier Folk Nebraska
  • Krystal Peterson and the Queen City Band
  • 500 Miles to Memphis
  • Wilder
  • Lost Coast
  • Jess Lamb
  • Veronica Grim & The Heavy Hearts
  • We're Witches!
  • The Rattletraps
  • The Grove
  • The Turnstiles
  • Jims
  • Moonbow
  • Noah Smith
  • Camp Sugar
  • Lisak & Rowe
  • Stitches & Seams




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Get Stuffed on Local Music

Get Stuffed on Local Music is celebrating its 3rd year! As always, Kelly Thomas has arranged an amazing night of music for all at The Southgate House Revival. With 17 acts on 3 stages, the finest of local music will be represented.