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Characterized as "refreshing" and "one of the most dedicated artists in Cincinnati" (, this band is the definition of "rebirth," as singer Benjamin James describes the meaning behind the name parallels its origins in the wake of a group that once reached the majors, before succumbing to "Almost Famous"-types of stereotypical misfortune and label turmoil. From Citybeat Magazine (Sept 2016), the music of Pluto Revolts can be described as combining "Alternative Rock attitude with Electronic experimentation for a familiar, yet fresh sound. James' yearning vocals are powerful, at times stadium-Rock strong and other times Pop-ballad sweet...which play well with the energetic guitar, crashing drums and playful keys."

The new EP "Tidal Wave" (releasing digitally 12/09/16) demonstrates their capacity to thrive on reinvention musically, but lyrically as well, as themes of starting over, following instincts, and facing fears head-on, aim to achieve cathartic and empowering feelings of self-contentment. According to singer James, this record is "the first to be indicative of where the band is headed, not just an accumulation of where its been."



Madison Live

The Madison Theater is located on Madison Avenue near the Licking River Historic district of Covington, KY. This former movie theater has been transformed into the largest general admission venue in the Cincinnati area.