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Jonathan Stout

Jonathan Stout has been an active part of the Cincinnati music community for over ten years, as part of the Lo Fi City Recording collective. When not playing music, Jonathan is a freelance writer. Although he has experience writing in the fields of construction, technology, pop culture and more, music will always be his favorite writing subject.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Echo Mountain Sessions by Sarah Asher

Whether or not you are familiar with her work, when you first hear Sarah Asher’s voice, you at once feel a comfortable kinship, as if this is an artist who you’ve always known.

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10 Music Related Ways For Musicians and Music Fans To Spend Their Quarantine

Since the recent mandate of Covid-19 related quarantines were made many of us have unexpectedly found ourselves with more time on our hands, battling boredom within the confines of our homes. Luckily, if you are a musician or music lover, there are still plenty of ways to pass the time. If you’re in a rut, check out our list of ways for musicians and music fans to pass the time during this difficult time. You’ll find this can actually be a great opportunity for you to open new musical doors of discovery!