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Turboslacker Release "Queen City Kills"

After a dramatic re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere and an unexpected crash landing within an Ohio graveyard, Turboslacker emerged from their sarcophagus-shaped spaceship with a not-so-cryptic message: “We’re all doomed, so let’s rage against the dying light!”

Catch Turboslacker TODAY at Northside Rock N' Roll Carnival at 4:30p!

This enigmatic band draws inspiration from a vast and eclectic ensemble of influences, spanning from the otherworldly creativity of David Bowie and the sonic experimentation of The Flaming Lips to the dark depths explored by Joy Division and the lyrical mystique of Nick Cave. It’s this fusion of diverse musical elements that has quickly propelled Turboslacker into the spotlight, captivating listeners with their infectious yet hauntingly cerebral sound and electrifying on-stage performances.

Turboslacker has made an indelible mark on the Ohio music scene, gaining recognition with a featured slot on WYSO’s Kaleidoscope and consistently drawing larger and more enthusiastic audiences to their dynamic live shows. Their highly anticipated debut album, Pixelated Lithiums, is set to release on August 9, with a special album release show at Best Dead City Music Festival at Brightside Music & Event Venue in Dayton, Ohio.

Turboslacker is composed of seasoned musicians, each bringing their unique flair to the ensemble:
Nathan Peters: Vocals/Synth (Captain of Industry)
Nate Wainscott: Guitar/Vocals (Repeater and Multimagic)
Brian Davis: Bass/Vocals (Passeport and Multimagic)
Gus Stathes: Drums (The Sailing)

Join Turboslacker on an intergalactic adventure as they navigate the cosmic waves of music, challenging you to embrace the chaos of existence and celebrate life’s inevitable twists and turns. With a blend of sonic mastery and unbridled energy, Turboslacker promises to be a band you won’t soon forget.


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Northside Rock N' Roll Carnival

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