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Northside Rock N' Roll Carnival

It's that time again! Time to get weird at the Northside Rock N' Roll Carnival! It all starts with the Northside Parade at 11 am, Thursday, July 4th!

This three-day festival takes place July 4th - 6th and features a fantastic line-up of local music, food, and beer at Hoffner Park!

Thursday, July 4th
1:00pm – Advait The Dragon
2:15pm – The Wind-Up
3:30pm – Tangerine
4:30pm – Static Falls
5:30pm – Isabelle Helle + Hell’s Bells
6:15pm – Hello Sapien
7:15pm – Hammer Down
8:00pm – ¡Jay Hill!
9:00pm – Sylmar
10:00pm – Mr. Phylzzz
11:15pm – Touchdown Jesus
Midnight – Lung

Friday, July 5th
4:30pm – Turboslacker
5:30pm – Kelly Eryn
6:15pm – Courage
7:15pm – Chameleon Earhart
8:00pm – Parker Louis
9:00pm – Gremlin
10:00pm – Kendra Morris
11:00pm – Ace Of Wands
Midnight – Paloma // Dance Party

Saturday, July 6th
4:30pm – The Peaks
5:30pm – Ascension Day
6:15pm – Maura Weaver
7:15pm – ZOO
8:00pm – Aaron Magical
9:00pm – Saving Escape
10:00pm – 1876
11:00pm – Dana
Midnight – General Baxter


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Turboslacker Release "Queen City Kills" 

Catch Turboslacker TODAY at Northside Rock & Roll Carnival at 4:30p!