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The Pink Spiders, Calumet, and Bandages at Fountain Square

Get ready for Indie Fridays Powered by CincyMusic with The Pink Spiders, Calumet, and Bandages on Friday at Fountain Square! Oh, and it's FREE!

Friday, June 7th
The Pink Spiders - 9:00p
Calumet - 8:00p
Bandages - 7:00p

The Pink Spiders' infamy and chaos have followed them since they first stormed onto the Nashville music scene in 2004 with their self-released debut EP The Pink Spiders Are Taking Over. That notoriety translated into immediate results, as the band signed to their first indie deal less than 6 months after forming. The guys quickly generated a big buzz with their 2005 indie label release Hot Pink, an infectious dose of dark pop detailing fast getaways and cheap thrills.

Calumet recalls the sounds of some of its members' previous efforts (Alone at 3AM, 500 Miles to Memphis, The Frankl Project) but looks to the beginnings of American music for its inspiration. The result is catchy and comfortable, familiar like you've met before, but rest assured you haven’t.

 Living as a middle-aged punk rocker leaves you with a lot of wounds. Luckily, Bandages are here! This four-piece, hard-hitting melodic punk ensemble includes members from 500 Miles to Memphis, The Messengers, and Nightbeast! Their collective experiences help to craft a diverse punk/alternative mix that will heal your nostalgic punk rock needs and have you feeling like a teenage street rat in record time.

Did I mention it's free? No excuses, get ready to rock on the Square!