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"This is a rock and roll record, and to compare it to anyone of mainstream importance isn’t fair, because this is their brand of rock, and comparisons are boring and easy. Soaring harmonies and searing guitars make this album something to put on your list to end the year." -Cincymusic.comCalumet recalls the sounds of some of it's members previous efforts (Alone at 3AM, 500 Miles to Memphis, The Frankl Project) but looks to the beginnings of American music for its inspiration. The result is

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Thrive Stream with CincyMusic LIVE to Benefit The Welcome Project 

On Saturday, July 25th an exciting event, Thrive Stream with CincyMusic LIVE to Benefit The Welcome Project will be taking place on the CincyMusic Facebook page starting at 4p! This event is designed to bring communities and families together and also to inform viewers about the good that The Welcome Project brings to our community.

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Get Stuffed on Local Music at SGHR 

Tonight is the night, folks! Come on out stuff your ears with some great local music. The Lounge and Sanctuary will be stock full of listening delight. 

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Southgate Roots Revival: Fall Folk Festival 

Young Heirlooms have curated the Folk Fall Festival at Southgate House Revival on September 8, 2018.

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Rhythm Brew Art & Music Festival at Wooden Cask Brewery 

Rhythm Brew Art & Music Festival is a family-friendly festival at Wooden Cask Brewery in Newport! The Event will feature live music with over 30 bands in just about every genre. This is a festival not to miss! Music, Beer, and Art need I say more?

Modern Myths: Calumet 

About three or four Thursdays ago, I was invited out to a church where the fellas from Calumet practice, and where a couple of them live. The church was built in the mid to late 1800’s, and at one point was operational. Eventually it was sold, and through chance, a couple of the members began...

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