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Listen Up! - New Single from Evan McMillian, "Another Truth"

Singer-songwriter Evan McMillian has released a lovely, moving, cleverly understated new single called “Another Truth.” The track itself just crests beyond the 5 minute mark, without growing tiresome or unwieldy, and is a quiet, pensive look at the inner workings of an artist working some things out in often poetic ways.

Thanks to the subtle and restrained work of his fellow musicians, the nature of the story being told, and the way McMillian’s pluck and strum guitar playing weaves between the piano and synth, the track - even as somber as it is - is a joy to listen to. Never wavering from the tempo it sets at the start, there are several points where the track crescendos, only for the wave to break gently against the next verse. It’s quietly confident as a standalone single, and a brilliant spotlight for an up-and-coming singer-songwriter.

Stream it and listen for yourself here.

Featuring Aaron Cordell on drums, Matt Mccoy on upright bass, Dan Dorff Jr. on piano, and Jacob Tippey on synth, Another Truth was  recorded and mixed by Jacob Tippey at Candyland Recording Studio in Dayton, KY.