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Listen Up! Get Wrecked Release Incidental Audio Single, "Eternal Struggle"

Sometimes you just need a little 3-minute ripper of a track to get you going, you know?

If that “sometimes” happens to be “right now” then you’re in luck, because Get Wrecked - courtesy of the fine folks at Incidental Audio - have dropped a hardcore punk-rock metal-tinged flamethrower of a track today and they really want you to check it out.

So, you know, get to it. The track is called “Eternal Struggle,” and as previously mentioned, it’s a 3-minute long rager with a bunch of gnarly guitar, wild time signature changes, snarling vocals, and enough snide, condescending energy to make your parents incredibly concerned when they walk in on you throwing a bunch of stuff around in your bedroom while you’re listening to it.

Head over to the Get Wrecked Spotify to stream it, play it loud, then get a stern talkin’ to. And be sure to check out the Incidental Audio YouTube channel - I dig what they’re trying to do and feel like this is a readership that will, too.

Party on, y’all.