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Burrito Boys Booking 513 Summer Concert Series Kicks Off This Week!

Hot on the heels of what I’m told (and can at least anecdotally confirm) was the craziest Burritofest to date, the 513 Summer Concert Series aims to bring that delightful insanity to venues and neighborhoods across the city.

 Starting this Saturday, June 15 at Oddfellows in OTR, Michigan Indie Rock outfit Glen gets in on the action, while locals Saint Sterling, Mall Witch, and No Conscription League offer support.


“Five shows, one summer, three historic neighborhoods,” said the organizers known locally as Burrito Boys. “The goal for this season is to show our city some love and get people excited about our thriving musical community.” The shows highlight the wide variety of genres that can be found across the vibrant and thriving local scene, with the neighborhoods themselves often playing an outsized role in that same vibrancy and vitality.

Take a look at the next 4 shows happening as part of this year’s 513 Summer Concert Series, brought to you by Burrito Boys. Just remember, age restrictions and ticket price will vary from show to show, so be sure to follow Burrito Boys Booking on Instagram and Facebook to get all the details.

Sunday, July 7 at Northside Tavern
 Indré, Wes Parker, Happy Tuesday, and Girl Gordon


Saturday, July 13 at The Taproom on Ludlow
 Dreadful Rumor, The Crimson Blue, The Muties


Saturday, August 3 at the Glow Room (Oddfellows basement)
 Fritz Pape, Camel Jam, Nineball, Fox the Paradox


Sunday, August 4 at The Comet
 Simon P Moore, Luke Hummel, Keelan Jamison (of Pickle Bucket), Max Vignola