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Album Review - Matt St. George - A Moment In Time

Matt St. George returns to the indie/alt-rock scene with their latest, A Moment In Time. Over the course of 7 tracks, the eponymous band fronted by singer-songwriter Matthew St. George, listeners can take a deep dive into love lost and found, while also figuring out and finding oneself in the process.

The album itself is a mid-tempo indie/alt-rock hybrid that is expertly crafted - from song structure to overall tone and production, it’s a strong outing from a relatively young artist and band. “Stay With Me” starts the album off with a four-minute entreaty that sort of sets the stage for the rest of the album.

Earnest vocals and super clean acoustic guitar lay a foundation through nearly every track, while almost-but-not-quite mathy lead guitar adds a layer of intricacy and depth to the record. The album’s title track, “A Moment In Time,” is a genuine surprise that feels equal parts Dave Matthews as it does Matchbox 20. Brighter, poppier guitars give way to a stuttered intro and feels like a really good change of pace even after one song.

“Sixteen” picks up where the opener leaves off, but allows for a slightly edgier, moodier structure that lets the chorus shine. It’s worth noting here, again, that the production on this record is fantastic and on this song in particular, you can tell. “The Move” goes slightly heavier, though doesn’t pick up the tempo - the band finds its groove early on and stays firmly planted there. This one’s a bit darker, which helps keep things from getting stale at the mid-way point.

“Home To Chicago” is very much a love letter to a city St. George obviously feels a strong and undeniable connection to. This one tiptoes into ballad territory - and that it’s ostensibly about a city and not a person is actually a really interesting choice. A softer follow-up, “Sometimes” keeps things slowed down, focusing more on acoustic guitar and introspection.

The final track, “Midnight Flight,” cleverly picks up the pace and the volume - it doesn’t stray far from where the band have spent the previous six tracks, but it’s enough of a change that the added energy does lend some momentum to the song and the album, helping bring it to a memorable close.

All told, this is a solid and incredibly well put together set of songs. A Moment In Time feels cohesive and of a piece, and gives each band member time to shine in support of St. George’s overall direction.

To celebrate the album’s release, the band will be putting on two release shows both this weekend and next. The first is happening today, Friday, June 14th in the Lounge at The Southgate House Revival in Newport, Kentucky. The show starts at 9:30pm, is free, and 21 and over. Special guests Antony Asher, a local singer/songwriter, and Kryst Kruer and The Secondhand Smoke will be opening things up.

The second show takes place next Saturday, June 22, at MOTR Pub. Special guests for this go round include singer/songwriter Brandon Shinault, as well Luther Ray and The Flood kicking things off. The show starts at 10:30 and, like this week, is 21 and over.