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They Might Be Giants Take Over Madison Theater for 2 Nights This Week!

Photo Cred: Shervin Lainez

Coming up on 45 years of being a band, alt-rock pioneers They Might Be Giants have planned their takeover of Covington’s Madison Theater for 2 nights this week - May 14 and 15, if you’re curious - as part of their THE BIG SHOW Tour.

 This series of shows is meant to be limited in trave, but not in scope, highlighting the band’s 8-piece output (with the John’s foundational configuration, of course, for the band to build upon), with Covington winning not just one, but two, of the tour’s coveted stops from the continuously, intrinsically innovative group.

Night One is already sold out, but a few tickets remain for Night Two - and if you’re at all a fan of the band, that means an opportunity to hear a completely different set from the night before. With 23 albums to pull material from, there’s a lot that can happen… though, of course, you’re getting tracks with horns and such, so I bet fans can make some educated guesses.

THE BIG SHOW Tour features the only dates you’ll be able to see the band perform live in 2024, so if you want to see They Might Be Giants be, I don’t know, giants on stage for a bit, this is your only chance to make it happen.

If you have your tickets already - hell yeah, have a blast. If you don’t, well, I imagine you’re missing out on something pretty special. And fun. And a little weird. And loud. Don’t forget loud.

Bring earplugs, stay hydrated, keep it weird. See you at Madison Theater!


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They Might Be Giants, the long-running masters of weirdness - who are, somehow, also weirdly accessible - have staked their claim on Covington’s Madison Theater for two nights to celebrate their massive catalog, the band, and their fans.