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Listen Up! - Maestro Murder Release The Organist EP

Founded just over one year ago, punk rock outfit Maestro Murder have released a 3-song follow-up to their debut album, Curtain Cull.

This time around, the four-piece group put together a quick, old-school jaunt with horror movie vibes, tongue planted firmly in cheek, with enough energy and chorus singalongs to fill a full album - though they managed to cram it all into 3 energetic tracks clocking in at just under 7 minutes.


“Bone Appetite” is a chaotic track that shouts its arrival and dares you to follow along, filled with call-and-response choruses while playing as a Misfits-esque refutation of those who believe skin is more nutritious than marrow. I don’t know which side I fall on with that argument, but if nothing else, it’s food for that…

“Insides Out” is about what you probably assume it’s about. I’m honestly not sure it should be this fun to listen to a song about dissecting a human body but here we are. It’s also the shortest track on the album, just passing the 2-minute mark.

“Modus Operandi” sends the EP out on a high note, with a bit more emphasis on Alex Kasznel & The Board of Directors’ bass player Heather Sampanis’ vocals, which are all over the EP, but really jump to the fore with the last track of the EP.

Check it out here, and try to catch them live if you can. The band has been playing regularly, so my guess is you’ll be seeing their name crop up more and more over the summer. You can catch them for sure on June 23 at Oddfellows, but don’t be surprised if they creep up behind you and start playing a show in your ear at any given moment.