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Listen Up! - The Laurelys Release Powerful New Single, "All Along"

Newport, Kentucky folk duo The Laurelys have released their latest single, “All Along,” a vocal-forward, twangy, full-band love song that sees the pair honing their own personal, powerful take on an often overlooked style of music.


Produced, mixed, and mastered by Mike Montgomery at Candyland Recording, the dual; dueling vocalist approach - over expertly played banjo - is rounded out and filled in with the addition of easygoing drums and well-balanced bass. Even within the context of a more full-band approach, the highlight remains The Laurelys’ particular brand of not just songwriting - which feels steeped in their love of the stylistic sandbox they’re playing in but also very much of the moment - but of how they allow the vocals to teeter just on the edge of overpowering everything else.

It’s a delicate balance, making this track all the more impressive. It’s a song of yearning, about acceptance and understanding, one that uses the duo's vocal performance to speak in concert with their words - you don’t just hear it, you feel it.

Check out the single here, and if you get the chance to check them out live, I can’t recommend it enough.