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Listen Up! Maria Keck's Lovely New Single & Video, "Free Like You"

Cincinnati, I just adore what you’re doing these days. So much good stuff happening, so many great shows, lots of good people doing what they love, and the quality and diversity of sound coming from our local scene is simply awesome.

Case in point, the most recent lo-fi pop track from solo artist Maria Keck.

“Free Like You,” on its own, lives in the same sonic realm as early Feist, with shades of Kimbra and Lorde, but with a subtle, quiet quality that helps its stream-of-consciousness lyricism sneak up on listeners in a surprisingly moving way. It’s an affirmation for the listener, a self-affirmation for the artist, and truly delightful 4+ minutes of quirky, listenable, sincere pop music.

The accompanying video, which was released yesterday, provides listeners with a great visual interpretation of the track. Shot on location at the American Sign Museum, featuring dance and choreography by Rose Yunger and Payton Engles, and directed, shot, and edited by J.W. Cox, the video itself is a genuinely lovely piece of art - take a look and listen below. You’ll be well and truly happy that you did. Promise.