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Listen Up! Goes The Dynamite Release Debut Single, "I Want It"

Fun, dancey, summery vibes abound in the debut single from the 80’s pop-inspired Queen City trio Goes The Dynamite. Piano and synth? Check. Simple but booty-shaking drum track? Check. Understated by emphatic vocals? Check.

“I Want It” is one of the most unique tracks that I’ve heard out of the tri-state area in quite awhile. Depeche Mode meets Miami Vice, and Christ, I never thought I’d be stoked on a band that has A-ha vibes, yet here we are, loaded with tons of sugar, coupled with immaculate production, delightful vocal harmonies, and nostalgia in almost lethal doses, Goes The Dynamite feel like they’re going to be the band to see this summer. It makes me wish Topshelf Records band Wild Ones was still kicking around because I’d be moving heaven and earth to get them on the same bill in town.

But, enough talk. Let’s listen, and hey, if you’re more of a visual learner, you can even watch the video they released to go along with the single - it’s a knowingly silly but well done 3+ minutes of a band not taking themselves too seriously, but also acutely aware that they’re really damn good at what they’re doing. Have at it. But, it’s an earworm, y’all. So, like, you’ve totally been warned.