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Album Review: Oh, The Places I’ve Gone - Jordon Frank

Cincinnati’s own Jordon Frank and his latest album Oh, The Places I’ve Gone delivers a collection of songs that are authentic and heartfelt. With a seamless blend of vocals, soulful piano melodies, guitar and even harmonica, Jordon has created an album that continues to resonate with me.

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“This record is more structured to sound like a one to two genre record rather than bouncing around all over the place, which I tend to do musically,” said Frank. Indie folk, singer-songwriter style musicians influenced me, but no one in particular.”

From start to finish, this album has been very enjoyable to listen to. As the first song begins, this album gives me nostalgia from when I was young listening to a ton of folk bands and musicians. Every song is unique, as my favorite would have to be “Chasing Butterflies”. Every time I listen to this song, I get goosebumps. The lyrics are captivating and the music that goes along with it is beautiful.

“I really like "One Man Cover Band" simply for the fact that almost all my musician friends and audience can relate to it. It's about me and how all I wanted to do was play music for people, but the covers always seem to be what most people remember about shows, when all I want to do is play songs that I've written and mean so much to me,” said Frank. “I honestly don't have any problems playing covers. I’ve literally gotten to travel the world because of how good I can be at playing other people's music. You never know when a cover song can make someone's day when they hear it. It helps me learn different ways to write progressions also for my own music.”

Not only have the songs off this album resonated with me so much, but I also think there is something special to say about the overall title of the album, as well as the artwork.

“So, when I was traveling on a Norwegian cruise line this past winter for work playing a piano bar, I had this idea to write a song called "Oh The Places I’ve Gone,” because of all the dope places I was going and just where my career has taken me over the years,” said Frank. “But when I tried to write literally anything on the ship, I couldn't. It was like I was too happy and my mind couldn’t delve into the depths of creativity where most of my demons hangout. When I got back, I lost my best friend within the first two weeks of being home. When I finally was able to sit there, and let my creativity finally flow out of me, I wrote the title track. I didn’t want it to be extremely sad sounding, lyrically and musically. I wanted that old Bob Dylan type five chord progression sounding song. I wrote it on guitar at first, but the piano made it a lot better I think.”

A close friend to Frank, Alexandria Hunter helped create the artwork for this album, that makes me smile every time I look at it.

“My friend Alexandria Hunter absolutely crushed this,” said Frank. “Once I had the track, and decided on calling the EP that name, I wanted my bitmoji to be the album cover. Alex has made other album covers for me in the past, so I trusted her when I asked her. Then when I was looking through bitmoji ideas, I saw one of my characters literally chasing butterflies... and I was like, this is it. She made it come to life. She is one of the most talented artists I’ve ever met and will continue working with her as much as she allows me to.”

As for what’s next, Frank says he has already released a video for one of the songs off the album, as well as some new songs.

“I have already released a video of my "Gypsy" cover, but I do have a summer song coming out that I collaborated with Phillip Good and my buddy Reed Stozart on,” said Frank. “But if you know me, you know I’ve always got my hand in more than a few cookie jars... so just stay tuned.