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Listen Up! Touchdown Jesus Premiere Their First Single, "Four Grand"

We are thrilled to bring you the premiere of Cincy “You listen and figure it out for yourself” band Touchdown Jesus’ first single, “Four Grand,” from their forthcoming debut EP, You Must Not Know Who You Are To Them, which crashes into the internet on March 15.

I first caught this raucous, hilariously uncategorizable quartet at their headlining show with Bug Juice, Lung, and The Metric Ton, which you can relive vicariously here. It was an impressive, audacious showing and, frankly, the whole night’s affairs left me feeling like I’d just witnessed something really, truly, wonderfully special.

Check out the single on Bandcamp right here! For those that prefer Spotify, here you go.


The Single, The EP, The Music
 The track itself is a 4-minute psychout, a track that feels intensely anachronistic but oddly relevant - frankly, any track that begins so assuredly with soaring saxophone is guaranteed to catch my ear. What follows feels like a jam band version Between The Buried And Me - somehow never abrasive, it’s a propulsive track that abruptly hits the brakes, slows itself down, then turns up the weird again before it’s all over.

We’ll have more to say when the EP releases, but I can tell you that it’s one of my most anticipated local releases of the year. Based solely on their live performance and how well it translates to the single above, it feels like a safe bet that this one’s going to be a ton of fun.

Join the Fun, Praise Touchdown Jesus
 Touchdown Jesus are bringing the song - and the EP’s accompanying tracks - back to the stage at Northside Tavern on March 16 to celebrate the EP’s release the day before. They’ve tapped Lemon Sky, General Baxter, and Chew to help ring in the arrival of their music to masses. Check out the show poster below then make plans to join in the night’s proceedings, which, I can assure you, will be as entertaining as they are surprising.



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