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Listen Up! Let It Happen are Back with a New Single, "Waves"

After a lengthy hiatus of the moniker, once and future Pop Punk outfit Let It Happen are back with an anthemic, ambitious new single, “Waves.”

Shrugging off so much of their past sonic sensibilities - though, it’s hard to deny the band was always good at writing catchy stuff - Let It Happen are keeping a weathered, mature eye on the horizon as they return to active status in the Cincinnati scene. This single, their first in some time, plays as a solid barometer for where the band is heading.


Vocalist Drew Brown explained the track and what it’s all about, “This song is an ode to a moment of surrender. There is bittersweet relief in acknowledging that our efforts and actions may define our lives, but worldly caveats often dictate our environments, out of our hands like being stranded at sea amongst the waves. I try hard to use those acquiescent moments as a breather of sorts, while I’m no longer busy feeling in control.”

“Waves” starts off deceptively calm, picking up in both volume and intensity until it crests in a burst of heavily clean guitar and forceful drum work. The vocal work of Drew Brown, though, is outstanding, and the barely contained frenzy of the oft repeated chorus, all the way to the end, are impressive and, quite honestly, moving.

Listen to the soaring, engrossing new single, “Waves,” on Spotify, and check out the effectively simple and moody video that accompanies the track, which you can view below.

This kicks off what looks to be an exciting year for the band - there’s even rumor of a full-length release sometime in 2024 - and this track feels like a leap in both content and style that I think the band has been working toward for a long time. Like you, I’m anxious to hear what comes next.