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Get To The Gig: The Love Hangover Returns for Year 3!

Whether you’re a fan of love, can’t stand the mention of it, celebrating Valentine’s Day or staying as far away from it as humanly possible, Cincinnati’s 3rd iteration of The Love Hangover is part of “an annual multi-city, multi-artist musical event that explores romantic love in all its many guises. Held each year on February 15th (though this year’s Cincinnati event will be held on Friday, February 16), this post-Valentine's showcase features a line-up of duets singing songs of the lovelorn, love sworn and love torn.”

As it was in 2020, this year’s iteration was put together by Dan Zapruder, locally known as Zapruder Point - and who’s album, Backyard Birds, was one of my favorites of 2023. Starting at 8pm at The Loon, the lineup features an impressive and almost intimidating list of Cincy’s finest, performing duet covers (and likely some originals) that will run the gamut from swooning and love soaked to loveless and, I have to imagine, a little bittersweet.

Joining the festivities for 2024: The Hiders, Sarah Asher & Night Owl, Nora Denning & Tim Reisert, Rachel Mousie & Zapruder Point, and Maria Keck & Tyler Carson. A hell of a lineup.

You can snag tickets ahead of time by clicking the image below, and then you can let everyone know that it’s official, or complicated, or whatever, by RSVPing on Facebook here.



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Album Review - Backyard Birds by Zapruder Point

Pick up the new album on Bandcamp right now, open your windows and turn up the stereo, or put in your earbuds and sit outside in the sunlight. Just be sure you’re listening to this one when you do.