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Get To The Gig! - A.M. Nice @ Northside Tavern THIS Friday!

Coming in hot this Friday at Northside Tavern in, uh, Northside, indie/punk noisemakers A.M. Nice will take the stage in celebration of the release of their latest single, “How Does It Feel.”

They’re bringing Phratry Records labelmates Nevernew along for the ride, as well as Ohio Sons and Cold Stereo - it’s going to be a full night of rocking and rolling across the spectrum, so put on your dancing shoes.


Following the release of their 2022 full-length, Half Past Tense, A.M. Nice are bringing to bear the same frenetic post-punk stylings, with enough melody and killer hooks to keep you paying attention to all 3 minutes and 30 seconds of “How Does It Feel.” Then again when you inevitably hit play again (and probably again, if we’re being honest). The slower, but no less intriguing B-side “Congruence” rounds out the single release, and highlights a quieter side of the band while also hewing closely to a formula that works so well for them - watertight craftsmanship, high quality production, and a lot of energy.

Snag the new single here on Friday, November 3, then make your way to Northside Tavern by 9pm - they’re not running on Punk Rock Time, so the music kicks off at 9pm sharp! Click the flyer below for the rest of the details, should you need ‘em.