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Album Review: Young Eyes - All These Steps Lead Us the Wrong Way

Young Eyes and their album All These Steps Lead Us the Wrong Way, takes listeners on a musical journey unlike any other. From the beginning, the album’s vocals, as well as pounding instruments, set the stage for a high-octane experience, immediately grabbing your attention.

“The strength of this band lies in our ability to hammer out ideas whenever we're in a room together,” said Rick McCarty, drummer for Young Eyes. “In my opinion that was the single biggest influence in shaping the sound of this album.”

As the album progresses with the track “Luna De Bestia,” a slower tempo is portrayed with strong guitar riffs, showcasing the band’s versatility and depth.

“I think the term “amalgamation” is fair here,” said Scot Torres, vocalist and lyricist for the group. “We are many different pieces that have all played differing styles successfully and professionally. What makes it special is what happens when you throw it all together. The pace of writing, the subtleties that blossom from the process, all make it ours.”

Recorded at Candyland Recording Studio in Dayton, KY, All These Steps Lead Us The Wrong Way only took about 6 weeks to record.

“Working with Mike Montgomery and Steve Wethington at Candyland was a great experience,” said Torres. “Not necessarily in a producer capacity, but we kind of self-produced aspects of post-production with Wethington helming the synthesizer duties.”

Recording the album came with some challenges, however, as the pandemic started its rage on society and normal life activities were put on hold.

“The challenge was the pandemic hit right after we had started tracking, so there was lots of time between each step (basic tracks, overdubs, vocals, mixing, mastering),” said McCarty.

As part of the 8-track album, the song that stood out to me the most was “Mare Imibrium,” with its steady bass lines and authentic-sounding drum parts at the beginning.

“Compared to other bands I've played in, this project does a great job of simply going wherever the songs take us,” said McCarty. “Everything comes from us being in a room playing together.”

With All These Steps Lead Us the Wrong Way, Young Eyes does a great job in not only delivering a fantastic and enjoyable collection of songs, but crafts a unique experience for everyone who listens.

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